Registration for NT$6,000 payments begin

22 March, 2023

Courtesy of ICRT


Online registration for the NT$6,000 cash payments drawn from last year's tax surplus will be open later today.


Those first eligible to apply online are individuals whose IDs or permanent residency numbers end in either a zero or a one.


Online registration will be opened to those whose numbers end in a two or three on Thursday, four and five on Friday; six and seven on Saturday; and eight and nine on Sunday.


The Ministry of Finance says online registration will be open to all eligible individuals regardless of their ID number for a minimum of six months from this Sunday onwards. Those who don't wish to register online will be able to get the cash payments from select ATM machines or post offices.


The NT$6,000 cash payment is available to Taiwanese nationals, foreign nationals with permanent residency, resident spouses of Taiwanese nationals, as well as government agency personnel stationed overseas and their dependents with Taiwanese citizenship.

The Ministry of Finance says the deadline for people to get their tax rebate should be the end of October. Deputy Finance Minister Ruan Qing-hua says that's plenty of time for everyone to get the cash payment so there's no need to rush.


Parents of babies born in the last quarter of the year have until the end of January 2024, to get the fund on behalf of their kids. Ruan also says among the different channels of distributing the money, most people probably would choose registering their names and bank information online. He says it's also the fastest channel, adding that those people should see NT$6,000 in their accounts five days after the President signs the special budget bill, which means the last day of March or early April. For those choosing to get the cash from post offices, Ruan says the activation time will be six days later than the ATMs.

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