Egg wholesalers slam price freeze

20 March, 2023

Courtesy of ICRT


A group of wholesale egg suppliers in Taipei is threatening to stop sales "indefinitely" if the Poultry Association extends the current price freeze this week.


The move comes as the association's production and marketing supervision committee backed the freeze of the wholesale price of domestically produced eggs. However, the wholesale egg suppliers argue that such a price freeze is "not sustainable and will hurt egg farmers and suppliers."


The wholesale price of eggs currently stands at NT$55 per 600 grams, while the farm gate price is NT$45.5 per 600 grams. According to the Egg Marketing Cooperative, Taiwan has taken delivery of part of a total shipment of five million eggs from Australia and has ordered another five million eggs from Turkey, which will begin arriving next month.


The poultry association committee says it will consider wholesale price adjustments, but that will depend on whether the imported supplies are sufficient to meet market demand.

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