Analysts divided on implications of DPP's by-election win

06 March, 2023

Courtesy of ICRT


Analysts say the DPP's narrow victory in Saturday's legislative by-election in Nantou County has implications for both the ruling party and main opposition KMT. The DPP's candidate Tsai Bei-hui won the by-election after beating the KMT's Lin Ming-qin by just 1,925 votes.

According to Yuan Hao-lin of the National Chung Hsing University, the election result is "a major boost" for the DPP's new Chairman Lai Ching-te, as it shows that he's proved himself to be a leader "able to lead the party to victory after several defeats." However, Chang Chun-hao of the Tunghai University says the election was the epitome of a trend that has become increasingly prevalent in recent years whereby voters tended to cast a vote more "against" than "for" a candidate. Chang says while the DPP has gradually regained its footing, the KMT is mired in infighting as to who should run for presidency.


A KMT official is being cited as saying the Nantou County loss is a "bruising defeat for the party" and it must now make "a convincing argument" about its ability to handle cross-strait relations and "propose platforms that can resonate with the public."

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