New NHIA co-payments system to begin in April

17 February, 2023

Courtesy of ICRT


Adjustments to National Health Insurance Administration’s (NHIA) co-payment system will begin in April at the earliest.


New NHIA Director-General Shi Chong-liang says that the first phase seeks to adjust co-payment for emergency treatment and medicines, and second phase is for medical exams and treatment.


Shi says there's no timetable for the second phase as it's more complicated and he'll have to discuss with hospitals and physicians.


Under the new system, there's no co-payment at primary care clinics and hospitals if the charge for medicine is under NT$100, and 20% if it's above, with a cap of NT$200. For regional hospitals and medical centres, the cap is set at NT$300.

On emergency treatment, Shi says the co-payment for mild cases at regional hospitals will rise to NT$600 from the current NT$300 and at medical centres, to NT$800 from NT$550.


But the payment is set to be lower if the emergency cases are serious. The director-general says some seven million people will be affected by the new system.

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