DPP seeks to ban ex-cons from public office

16 February, 2023

Courtesy of ICRT


The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has amended its internal rules governing the nomination of party candidates.


The move seeks to ban members who have been charged with involvement in organized crime or other illegal activities, or disciplined after being named by law enforcement as gangsters, from running for public office or party posts.


According to revisions, DPP members indicted for involvement in organized crime, sexual assault, having sex with minors, drug-related offenses, illegal possession or use of knives or guns, or named as gangsters will not be able to run for public office or party posts. However, individuals acquitted of such crimes will be able to run.

The committee also abolished a ruling that had allowed named gangsters who have been disciplined under a now-defunct act or spent 10 years without committing any infractions after receiving a deferred sentence to run for the aforementioned posts.


The revisions still have to be passed by the DPP National Party Congress, which will not be held until the second half of this year. And that means, the amendments will likely not to force until after the DPP has chosen its candidates for the 2024 presidential and legislative elections.

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