Average hotel room rates hit record high in 2022

16 February, 2023

Courtesy of ICRT


Taiwan’s Tourism Bureau says the average daily room rate at international hotels in Taiwan hit a record high last year, despite relatively low occupancy due to the coronavirus pandemic.


Data from the bureau shows that the occupancy rate at international hotels averaged 48.06% in 2022. That was the fourth-lowest in history.


However, the average room rate increased for a third consecutive year to stand at a record setting NT$4,195.


The Providence University's Department of Tourism says soaring costs of goods and a lack of manpower were the major factors behind higher room rates while the Shih Hsin University Department of Tourism says many hotels have been forced to keep their occupancy rates at no higher than 80%, and have raised room prices to compensate and maintain revenue levels.


The Shih Hsin University is predicting that room rates at local international hotels could move higher in the future as foreign tourists return to Taiwan.

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