Lai Ching-te elected DPP chairman

16 January, 2023

Courtesy of ICRT


Vice President Lai Ching-te has been elected the DPP's new chairman, after winning the party's uncontested election for the post.


Lai won with 41,840 votes, or 99.65-per cent of the total cast. The DPP's Acting Secretary-General Sidney Lin said turnout for the ballot was just under 17.6%.


However, that was slightly higher than the DPP's previous chair election in 2019, which stood at 16.9%, when Zhuo Rong-tai was elected.

Speaking after being formally announced the winner, Lai is expected to officially take up the post on Wednesday during a DPP central standing committee meeting.


His tenure will run until 20 May 2024, when Taiwan's next president will be inaugurated.


Lai used social media to thank DPP members for supporting him - saying his goal is to "unite the party and to polish its image as an honest, diligent and grassroots party that is known for its quality administration."

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