Arrivals hit close to 100,000 in October

28 November, 2022

Courtesy of ICRT


The Tourism Bureau says nearly 100,000 tourists came to Taiwan in October, after the government lifted quarantine regulations.


Data shows that a total of 93,206 people arrived in Taiwan in the month, an increase of 560% compared with October of last year.


According to the Tourism Bureau, Taiwan saw the largest number of visitors based on the growth rate of other major regional tourist markets in October and was followed by Japan.

Of those arriving in Taiwan, 98.57% came by air, with 90.49% of that total landing at Taoyuan International Airport and 2.33% arriving via Kaohsiung International Airport. A total of 1.43% of the total arrivals came by sea - with a majority of them arriving via Kaohsiung Port followed by Keelung Port.


The Tourism Bureau says most of the tourists stayed for between 8 and 15 nights.

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