Elections voting mask mandate

22 November, 2022

Courtesy of ICRT


Taiwan's Central Election Commission (CEC) is reminding voters to wear masks without candidate information, when voting.


The CEC says, in order to adhere to current epidemic prevention measures, people entering polling stations will be required to wear masks, but that all clothes, masks, and other accessories must not include any specific candidate names, numbers, or slogans.


The wearing of clothing related to the referendum to lower the voting age is also banned.


Anyone wearing face masks or clothing bearing candidate's signs or numbers, or clothing with logos related to the referendum, will face a fine of between NT$500,000 and NT$5 million, for violating regulations related to a campaign or electioneering on a polling day.


The election commission says any suspected violation of this rule would be referred for investigation. The CEC says voters must also remember to bring their national ID cards, chops, and voting notices. Polling stations are set to open this Saturday, 26 November.

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