Premier orders investigation into Chinese made drones

10 November, 2022

Courtesy of ICRT


Premier Su Tseng-chang has ordered an investigation into why Chinese made drones were used as part of this year's National Day celebrations in Chiayi.


Some 600 drones formed the shape of the R-O-C flag and Yushan at the event, which took place at the Southern Branch of the National Palace Museum.


The premier's statement comes after KMT lawmaker Lu Ming-zhi said the use of Chinese drones posed a security risk and the central government was "stupid" for not knowing the drones made in Shenzhen, China.


According to National Science and Technology Council Minister Wu Tsung-tsong, it is believed that the motors, batteries and outer casings of the drones were manufactured in China - but the flight control system were European and the chips made by Qualcomm from the US.


Speaking at a legislative hearing, Wu said his office is now investigating and collecting data on the matter and that it will be examined by the National Center for Cyber Security Technology.

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