TaiwanPlus launches 24-hour TV channel

04 October, 2022

By ECCT staff writers


The government-funded English-language public media service platform TaiwanPlus has launched a new domestic TV channel that will provide news and other programmes 24 hours a day, seven days a week. A launch ceremony was held on Monday, 3 October, which was attended by President Tsai Ying-wen, Premier Su Cheng-tsang and Minister of Culture Lee Yung-te.


TaiwanPlus was originally launched as a web-based platform only but later went on to produce live news for broadcasting on television. Originally operated by the Central News Agency, Taiwan's Public Television Service took over operation of TaiwanPlus in June this year.


At the ceremony, President Tsai said that TaiwanPlus has raised Taiwan's international profile through its commitment to share Taiwan's perspectives, amplify Taiwanese voices and tell Taiwan's stories. She added that TaiwanPlus also plays a key role in the country's bilingual 2030 policy, which aims to boost Taiwan's global competitiveness and the development of bilingual talent.


TaiwanPlus Acting CEO Michael Yu said that since the platform was launched online on 30 August 2021, it has produced over 4,000 news stories, more than 1,300 programme videos, and attracted over 420,000 followers on social media from 163 countries.

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