Extra month of summer electricity rates announced for high voltage users

20 September, 2022

Courtesy of ICRT


The Ministry of Economic Affairs says high-voltage electricity customers will pay an extra month of higher summer rates from next year.


According to Deputy Economics Minister Lin Chuan-neng, the period of higher summer electricity rates for high-voltage customers, which currently extends from June through September, will be expanded by one month, to last from 16 May until 15 October.


However, the move will be offset by a slight reduction in non-summer rates for high-voltage electricity users.


Lin says the move is a reflection of the reality of climate change here in Taiwan, which has resulted in hotter weather and higher levels of electricity consumption in both May and October.


The deputy economics minister also says the government hopes the change will incentivize high-voltage electricity users to adjust production away from the summer months, when the island's electricity usage is at its highest.


Taipower is estimating that the policy will reduce peak electricity demand by as much as 500-megawatts and help conserve operating capacity.

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