Typhoon replenishes reservoir levels

05 September, 2022

Courtesy of ICRT


Typhoon Hinnamnor has replenished two major reservoirs in northern Taiwan and raised the water level of Keelung River, temporarily easing the water shortage the harbour city was facing.


The Water Resources Agency says with the heavy rainfall brought by the storm, there's a significant increase in water levels at Shimen Reservoir in Taoyuan and Feitsui Reservoir in New Taipei. The WRA says that means steady water supply to the Greater Taipei area until at least the end of 2022.


The Feitsui Reservoir area received 446 millimetres of rainwater from Thursday to Sunday noon, boosting its capacity from 57% to 74%. As of this morning, the reservoir is nearly 80% full.

Meanwhile, Shimen Reservoir received over 330 millimetres of rainwater, raising its water level to 92% full , causing the reservoir management to discharge water.


In Keelung, however, the typhoon has failed to significantly improve the water level at Xin-shan Reservoir, leaving it still standing at 33%.


But the WRA says the water shortage in the city has been eased, as the storm greatly raised the water level of the Keelung River, some of which can be diverted to the reservoir.

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