Audit of Taiwan's anti-corruption efforts begin

31 August, 2022

Courtesy of ICRT


International experts are reviewing the government's implementation of a United Nations convention against corruption for four days in Taipei.


The committee's head, Peruvian legal expert Jose Ugaz, expressed his appreciation of Taiwan's efforts to stamp out corruption to "the highest possible standards" by adopting the United Nations Convention against Corruption.


According to the UN, the UNCAC introduces "a comprehensive set of standards, measures, and rules that all countries can apply in order to strengthen their legal and regulatory regimes to fight corruption."


Despite not being a member of the UN, Taiwan made the UNCAC part of its domestic law in 2015, subsequently inviting a panel of independent experts to audit the convention's implementation once every four years.


The Ministry of Justice says the committee is scheduled to release a list of recommendations on Friday known as "concluding observations."


Premier Su Tseng-chang, meanwhile, thanked the experts for coming to Taipei to conduct the review, and says the government aims to continue working with experts and civil society groups on these efforts, as it "hopes to do a better job" and "meets the expectations of the people."

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