Army publishes response process to drone intrusions

30 August, 2022

Courtesy of ICRT


Taiwan's Army has released a four-step standard response to incursions by Chinese drones after spotting one near a small islet in Kinmen County yesterday. This comes amid widespread criticism that it has done little to counter such incidents.


The command made public for the first time what it described as its four-step response procedure for drone encounters, consisting of "firing warning flares, reporting the incursion, expelling the drone, and ultimately shooting it down."


It was not immediately clear if the four-step response was drawn up recently or had been in place well before the recent uptick in drone incursions.


The Ministry of National Defense has been refraining from more aggressive countermeasures such as shooting the drones down to avoid further escalating cross-Taiwan Strait tensions.


To deal with the rising drone threat in the long term, however, the MND said it has been working on a defensive system against drones for installation by next year in Taiwan's two offshore counties located close to China's coast - Kinmen and Lienchiang.

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