Job scam victims remain trapped in Cambodia

19 August, 2022

Courtesy of ICRT


Cabinet Spokesperson Luo Bing-cheng says over 370 Taiwanese nationals have been conned into working for Cambodia-based fraud rings through fake job advertisements and 333 of them remain trapped by human trafficking criminal operations in the country.


The statement comes after police visited 4,679 households with members aged between 20 and 45 who recently travelled to Cambodia and have not yet returned to Taiwan, to determine the number of people who may have fallen for the job scams.


According to Luo, that check concluded that 144 people could be held against their will in Cambodia, while over 200 people reported that their family members or friends had been recruited for such scams from March to July.Based on that date, figures show that the total number of Taiwanese nationals lured to Cambodia by job scams totals 373, of which 40 have returned home.


The cabinet spokesman says of those lured to Cambodia, 99% were recruited to work in telecom scams while a few were trafficked for sexual exploitation.

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