Online ARC application site opens

01 July, 2022

Courtesy of ICRT


Taiwan's National Immigration Agency (NIA) says, foreign professionals with an employment permit issued by the Ministry of Labor (MOL) will have the option to apply for their Alien Resident Certificate (ARC), online from today. This online ARC service will be launched on a trial basis and will not initially be made available to those who have obtained their employment permit from ministries other than the MOL, such as the Ministry of Education.It will be an alternative to onsite application, and foreign professionals with an employment permit from the MOL will also be able to use this online service to apply for an ARC for their family members in Taiwan.


The NIA said it would consider expanding the online ARC application service to other foreign professionals, who have obtained an employment permit from the Ministry of Education and other authorities, in the future.

The MOL says, brokerage firms that hire foreign translators and chefs to work in Taiwan now have the option to file their employment-related applications online.The available online applications include those for employment permits and extensions, and employment renewal, but only for those two categories of foreign workers.Job brokers can also file online applications for a change of employer, data change, and departure of an employee, in the two employment categories.Previously, documents could only be filed online for the employment of certain other categories of foreign white-collar and blue-collar workers.

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