NCC approves draft digital intermediary service act

30 June, 2022

Courtesy of ICRT


The National Communications Commission (NCC) has approved a draft digital intermediary service act. According to the commission, the bill seeks to ensure that large online platforms are required to disclose their recommendation algorithms in user service agreements. The bill targets such platforms that have more than 2.3 million active users. NCC Deputy Chairman Weng Bo-tsung says the bill is based on one passed by the European Parliament passed in April to better regulate digital intermediary service providers.


The proposed act consists of 11 articles. Those include a stipulation that all digital intermediary service providers must disclose the names of representatives and their contact information in Taiwan, and that all overseas service providers must be represented by a local agent. The bill also gives the NCC the legal capacity to terminate the services of large online platforms if they repeatedly refuse to comply with the regulations.

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