Export orders rise 6%

21 June, 2022

By ECCT staff writers, MOEA, MOF

Taiwan’s export orders rose by 6% year-on-year to US$55.4 billion in May 2022. According to a report by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, year-to-date export orders are 9.5% higher than a year ago. In the first five months of the year, the growth rate in export orders was the highest to ASEAN countries. According to MOEA statistics, export orders from ASEAN countries have risen 29.9% in the first five months of the year compared to growth rates of 13.8% for the United States and 5.5% for Europe. 

Earlier this month, the Ministry of Finance (MOF) reported that actual exports in the month of May rose by 12.5% to US$42.08 billion while imports rose 26.7% to US$39.675 billion. Year-to-date, total exports have reached US$204.477 billion while total imports have reached US$184.41 billion, up 20.1% and 26%, respectively. According to MOF figures, exports to Europe rose 20.1% to US$17.359 billion in the first five months of the year while imports from Europe rose 19% to US$21.094 billion.

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