Hong Kong, Macau residency rules relaxed

15 June, 2022

Courtesy of ICRT

The Ministry of the Interior says it's easing residency rules for professionals from Hong Kong and Macau to allow them to extend their residencies for up to one year.


The announcement comes nearly a year after the amendments to the Regulations Governing Residency or Permanent Residency for People of the Hong Kong Area and the Macau Area were finalised.


The revisions stipulated that the government has to introduce measures that not only attract professional talent from Hong Kong and Macau, but also encourage them to settle in Taiwan with their families and allow family members to work legally here.


The new rules also make it easier for people from the two cities studying in Taiwan to remain here after graduation by allowing them to use their masters or doctorate degree to reduce the five-year requirement to apply for permanent residency.

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