Survey shows majority of parents support suspending classes

17 May, 2022

Courtesy of ICRT


A survey by parent groups in northern Taiwan shows that a majority are in favour of suspending in-person classes at schools from the junior-high level and below due to the on-going surge in domestic coronavirus cases. The groups include the Action Alliance on Basic Education, the Taiwan Parents Protect Women and Children Association, and the Taiwan Love Children Association. And according to their survey, some 84.4% of respondents say they back class closures.


The groups say the government's newly introduced class suspension policy has disrupted both students and teachers, as classes are now switching between online and in-person lessons and there are also teacher shortages.


The groups are calling on the government to allow all students to take classes remotely at home, and to scrap its policy they say is too confusing for the parents, teachers and students


Figures show that more than 80,000 students have tested positive for the coronavirus, a majority of whom are elementary-school students, as most of them are not vaccinated.

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