Audrey Tang interview series launched on TaiwanPlus

09 May, 2022

By ECCT staff writers


TaiwanPlus has launched a new video podcast hosted by Taiwan’s Digital Minister, Audrey Tang. The global English-language video streaming service held a launch event for the series, titled “Innovative Minds” on Friday at which Minister Tang interviewed some of the guests on forthcoming episodes of the show and attendees were given a sneak preview of some of the other episodes. The first episode, featuring YouTube Co-founder Steve Chen, was released on Friday and one new episode will be released every Friday in future.


Steve Chen was present at the launch as were two other interviewees, Sandra Oudkirk, Director of the American Institute in Taiwan, and Vivi Lin, Founder of With Red. Tang proceeded to engage in conversation with the guests, as a preview for the style of the video podcasts. According to Tang, while she is a frequent interviewee, this was the first time she has taken on the role of interviewer and her objective is to try to break the normal dynamics of interviewer and interviewee and instead, engage in a two-way conversation with guests.



According to Tang, the interviews in the series are centred around youth participation, social innovation and open government. The first interview with Steve Chen, which runs for over an hour, includes an in-depth discussion of the run-up to and the first years of YouTube, Steve Chen’s return to Taiwan, his reasons for doing so, start-up culture in Silicon Valley and the potential for start-ups in Taiwan as well as some ethical questions about the future of technology and AI.

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