EPA and COA to be upgraded to ministries

06 May, 2022

Courtesy of ICRT


The cabinet has approved proposals to upgrade the Council of Agriculture (COA) andthe Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) to stand-alone ministries. The move is part of a wider government restructuring programme. The plans will now be sent to the Legislative Yuan for review.If passed, the COA will be reformed under the title the "Ministry of Agriculture," while the EPA will become the "Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources."


The government says the proposed restructuring will enable it to better promote sustainable development and address climate issues.According to the cabinet, the new agencies will implement government plans and policies aimed at tackling climate change and the proposals are in line with the amendments to the Organizational Act of the Executive Yuan.


Those amendments were passed by the legislature in 2011 and seek to have the 37 ministries and government agencies currently under the cabinet merged or restructured into 29 ministries and agencies.

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