EPA to introduce mandatory NT$5 discount for reusable cups

28 April, 2022

Courtesy of ICRT


Taiwan’s Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) The Environmental Protection Administration says all beverage chain stores will be required to offer greater discounts to customers who bring their own cups and provide "reusable cup" loan services.


According to the administration, the move is part of efforts to phase out single-use cups in about 50,000 beverage chains outlets, convenience stores, fast food and supermarket chains islandwide.The government says those outlets are currently responsible for the use of 2.2 billion single-use plastic cups every year. The new rules will take effectfrom 1 July.



Under the new rules, all stores will be required to provide a discount of at least NT$5 to customers with their own cup or face a fine of up to NT$6,000.Chain stores will also have to introduce a "reusable cups" loan system by 1 January 2023 and that service must be offered at a minimum of 5% of their outlets by the end of that same year.

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