Beijing slams Taiwan's moves to protect tech industry

14 April, 2022

Courtesy of ICRT


Beijing is describing moves by the government here in Taiwan to amend laws to better protect the island's tech industry as being based on a "provocative smear."


According to China's Taiwan's Affairs Office, any moves by Taiwan to tighten regulations and introduce tougher penalties to stop the alleged theft of chip secrets and tech talent will further obstruct and undermine cross-Strait exchanges and cooperation.


The statement comes after Premier Su Tseng-chang earlier this week called on lawmakers to quickly review and pass amendments to current laws that will mandate tougher punishments to prevent China from stealing chip technology.


China's Taiwan's Affairs Office is accusing the government here of trying to smear and intimidate Chinese companies operating in Taiwan in an attempt to further "escalate cross-strait confrontation and provoke trouble."


A spokesperson for the office says such political manipulation will only harm the vital interests of Taiwan's business community.


The government has not commented on Beijing's statements.

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