Lunch with Taipei Mayor Ko

22 March, 2022

The ECCT arranged a Premium Event lunch with Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-Je (柯市長) and senior officials from the Taipei City Government (TCG). Read the full event report.


At the event, Mayor Ko gave a short speech after which Ambassador Tom Chou (Tai-Chu, 周台竹大使), Commissioner of the Mayor’s Office for External Affairs gave a presentation. This was followed with a Q&A session with Mayor Ko, moderated by Tim Berge, Co-chair of the ECCT’s Better Living committee.


This year’s lunch marked the 24th year since the ECCT held its first round table lunch with the TCG. As in previous years, senior officials from various city government departments were in attendance and seated at different tables in the venue in order to allow ECCT members to discuss issues of concern or mutual interest with them.



In his speech, Mayor Ko highlighted some of the city’s current areas of focus that were later elaborated upon in Ambassador Chou’s presentation, including the city’s plans for digital transformation and to reach net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.



Besides the mayor and Ambassador Chou, the following other government officials attended the lunch: Vivian Huang (Shan-Shan, 黃珊珊), Deputy Mayor; Dr Lin Chung-Chieh, Commissioner, Department of Economic Development (產業發展局 林崇傑局長); Chen Shyue-Tair, Commissioner, Department of Transportation (交通局 陳學台局長); Chou Yu-Hsiu, Commissioner, Department of Social Welfare (社會局 周榆修局長); Yang Yuan-Ming, Commissioner, Taipei City Police Department (警察局 楊源明局長); Dr Huang Shier-Chieg, Commissioner, Department of Health (衛生局 黃世傑局長); Dr Lu Hsin-Ke, Commissioner, Department of Information Technology (資訊局 呂新科局長); Huang Ming-Tsai, Chairperson, Research, Development, and Evaluation Commission (研究發展考核委員會 黃銘材主任委員); Chen Jiin-Shyang, Commissioner, Taipei Water Department (臺北自來水事業處 陳錦祥處長); Hsu Min-Chuan, Deputy Commissioner, Department of Civil Affairs (民政局 許敏娟副局長); Chen Su-Hui, Deputy Commissioner, Department of Education (教育局 陳素慧副局長); Fang Ting-An, Deputy Commissioner, Department of Urban Development (都市發展局 方定安副局長); Chen Yu-Shin, Deputy Commissioner, Department of Cultural Affairs (文化局 陳譽馨副局長); Yang Wei-Shiou, Chief Secretary, Department of Environmental Protection (環境保護局 楊維修主任秘書); Jiang Chuen-Huey, Senior Specialist, Department of Information and Tourism (觀光傳播局 江春慧專門委員); Chen Hai-Chin, Division Chief, International Affairs Division, Secretariat (秘書處國際事務組 陳海青組長); Adam Yi, Deputy Executive Director, Mayor’s Office for External Affairs (市長室涉外事務 益子翔副執行長).

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