Outlining Taiwan's path to net zero

01 December, 2021

The ECCT arranged a Premium Event lunch to discuss the government’s plans to reach net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, including a proposed carbon fee mechanism. Read the full event report.

The event featured guest speakers Tsai Chi-chang, Vice President (or Deputy Speaker) of the Legislative Yuan, who is also Chairman of the LY’s SDGs Advisory Council (立法院副院長暨永續發展目標策進會會長 蔡其昌), Tseng Wen-sheng, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Economic Affairs (經濟部次長 曾文生), and Dr Tsai Ling-yi, Director of Department of Environmental Sanitation and Toxic Substance Management, under the Environmental Protection Administration (EPA, 環保署環管處處長 蔡玲儀).


In his presentation, Tsai Chi-Chang explained what the LY is doing to meet SDGs. The SDGs Advisory Council is a bipartisan body that was established in the LY to work with government agencies as well as the private sector and NGOs to promote progress towards meeting SDGs.

In his recorded presentation, Deputy Minister Tseng Wen-sheng outlined the various actions that Taiwan will be taking to reach net zero, especially the phasing out of coal-fired power in favour of natural gas and renewables.

In her presentation, Dr Tsai Lin-yi gave an overview of the carbon pricing framework under the pending Climate Change Response Act.

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