Webinar on the future enterprise

12 March, 2021


The ECCT’s Technology committee hosted a webinar in cooperation with the Swedish Chamber of Commerce Taipei and AmCham on the topic “The future enterprise: digitalisation, dematerialization, sustainability, global workforce”. Read the full event report here.

The event began with presentations which was followed by a panel discussion featuring all of the panellists, moderated by Giuseppe Izzo, ECCT Vice Chairman and co-chairperson of the Technology committee.

Subjects discussed included trends and technologies affecting the workplace, the prospect of a dematerialised office, connected intelligent machines and the Internet of Senses. The event featured the following panellists: Michael Björn, Head of Research Agenda, Ericsson Consumer & IndustryLab, and Research Fellow ICT Market Foresight, Ericsson Research; Chafic Nassif, President & CEO, Ericsson Taiwan; Peter Hsieh, Sales Director of Bosch Sensortec, Greater China; Terence Liao, General Manager, Dell Technologies Taiwan, and Nik Van Den Wijngaert, Director imec solutions.

In his presentation, Michael Björn spoke about the dematerialised office based on studies conducted and taking into account experience since the beginning of the pandemic. He said that we should be thinking about “peak office” and moving towards a digital work environment. He noted that the formal first offices date back to the 1500s, but they have evolved gradually over the years. The main changes over the recent past (especially during the pandemic) has been the acceleration of the move towards the home office. But even after the pandemic, it is possible that the home office may become the primary office. Citing research conducted, he said that almost seven in 10 enterprises believe that they have already reached halfway or beyond in the process towards dematerialisation of their offices and by 2030 and almost 60% of white-collar work is expected to happen outside company premises.

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