Chairman's View – Happy 2021

04 January, 2021

By H Henry Chang

Dear Members

On behalf of the ECCT’s board of directors and secretariat, I wish you all a happy and prosperous year ahead.

As this is my first column as ECCT Chairman, I would like to thank my predecessor, Giuseppe Izzo for his excellent stewardship of the chamber over the past two years. Thanks to the efforts of past chairmen, boards of directors and the secretariat, the ECCT has evolved into a premier organisation with an unmatched reputation and is in an excellent position to continue its mission of advocacy and networking for the benefit of our members. I add my personal accolade to the Taiwan government for setting a wonderful example of how to effectively manage a changing environment and I am proud to witness ever closer ties between Europe and Taiwan. As this past year has shown, we live in challenging times. We too will evolve and adapt to our changing environment. 

This past year has seen wind energy develop in line with government policy. Over the next few years, electric vehicles and smart city infrastructures will mature into real live applications, benefiting our lives and the environment, in line with Europe's green energy directive. These are areas of strength of European business, who look to partner with the Taiwan government and business community. Our members represent the best of European technology and know-how and, as borders reopen, we look forward to developing more business opportunities between Europe and Taiwan and see existing relationships further strengthened.

Over the next year I will be working with my fellow directors and ECCT committees to showcase the technologies and business solutions of our members, who represent the best of Europe in Taiwan, internally and externally. We will also continue to work closely with the government to advocate the adoption of the best international standards and practices and arrange activities that build bridges and increase business partnerships between Europe and Taiwan. And to increase Taiwan’s internationalisation, we will cooperate with the government to promote and support its bi-lingual nation aspirations with closer university ties and overall support systems in education and business incentives.

The ECCT’s 2021 calendar is already filling up with interesting and useful activities, including events with high profile speakers. I encourage you to attend as many of these as you can and look forward to meeting and working together with you in 2021.   

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