PEL event on obesity and sleep disorders

09 December, 2020


The ECCT’s Planet-Friendly Eating & Living (PEL) Platform hosted a lunch on the topic “Medical innovations and insights on obesity - Advice on diet, lifestyle and the science of sleep”. Read the full event report here.


The event, held at the Xuexue Food Laboratory, featured a speech by guest speaker Dr Jeffrey T Liu (Cai-rui), physician and expert in weight management, neurology, the body’s nervous system and sleeping disorders. To match the theme of the event and the mission of the PEL platform, the menu featured low calorie and nutritious dishes using plant-based ingredients.



The lunch was preceded by a cooking class specifically designed for weight control, arranged by Novo Nordisk Taiwan. Ahead of the main presentation at the lunch, Novo Nordisk General Manager Steve Profit gave a short summary of the class, which was attended by around 20 people, of various ages and walks of life, including some celebrity bloggers. The class began with an introduction to a healthy diet and tips for weight control by dietician Charlotte Chen. This was followed by a cooking demonstration by a professional chef from Pierrot Bistro and a hands-on cooking experience for all the participants. 


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