Lunch with MOST Minister Wu

30 November, 2020

The ECCT hosted a Premium Event lunch with Dr Wu Tsung-tsong, Minister of the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST). The minister gave a presentation on the topic “Accelerating the transition to a Smart Taiwan post Covid-19” and answered questions from members during a Q&A session. Read the full Event Report here.

In its 2030 plans, the MOST highlights goals to create a circular and sustainable society (with zero waste and zero pollution), a diverse and inclusive society (an integrated cross-cultural and trans-generational society), an innovative-driven and connected society (with virtual reality integration that connects people and things, such as AI, 6G and robots). The MOST’s digital strategy for Post Covid-19 industrial recovery includes industrial support, unemployment relief, cyber security, digital transformation for SMEs and internet penetration in rural areas.

Minister Wu is optimistic about the future given that Covid-19 has prompted a rethink of global supply chains and the steady rise in inbound investments into Taiwan, both from foreign and Taiwanese investors. He cited a figure of US$120 billion in pledges for investments in Taiwan’s technology parks.

Wu said he sees many opportunities as all industries adapt to and embrace digitalisation. Taiwan also has great potential in the field of precision healthcare by combining Taiwan’s comprehensive medical insurance system, excellent medical professionals and skills as well as inclusive ICT infrastructure to develop precise medicine.

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