Webinar on ventilator use during Covid-19

12 May, 2020

The ECCT hosted a webinar on the role of ventilators in the Covid-19 pandemic, covering the medical use of ventilators as well as the business of the ventilator market.

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The webinar featured the following guest speakers: Lin Hui-ling, Associate Professor and Secretary of the Respiratory Therapists Society of the Republic of China; Anic Liu, Clinical Application Specialist, Philips Healthcare and Dr Lin Chii-wan, Vice President and General Director, Biomedical Technology and Device Research Laboratories, Industrial Technology Research Institute.

In her presentation, Lin Hui-ling gave a brief introduction to the various instances when ventilators are used in Taiwan.


In his presentation, Anic Liu talked about the types and functions of ventilators and compared the market needs in Taiwan versus European countries.


In his presentation, Dr Lin Chii-wan spoke about recent ventilator market developments.

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