Taoyuan Vegwink vegan gourmet party

09 June, 2024

The ECCT participated in the Taoyuan Vegwink vegan gourmet party (植感桃園 植人聚美食祭). The two-day gourmet vegan festival was hosted by the Taoyuan City Government’s Tourism Bureau, Daxi Tofu producers & Meatless Market, with the support of 7-Eleven. On the afternoon of the second day, Taoyuan Mayor Chang San-Cheng delivered remarks and provided a brief introduction to the festival and booths, located on the grounds of the Taoyuan Arts Plaza, outside the recently built Taoyuan Public Library and the Taoyuan Arts Center.

The purpose of the event was to establish Taoyuan City as the leading vegetarian-friendly city in Taiwan. According to Mayor Chang, around 30% of Taiwan’s vegan protein products are made in Taoyuan. The tofu producers of Daxi are perhaps the most famous for their dried tofu (豆干  dougan). The ECCT was invited to participate given the growing popularity of veganism in Europe and the chamber’s support for sustainable living and diets.

Director Chou Po-Yin of the Taoyuan City Government’s Tourism Bureau said that the "Taoyuan Vegwink vegan gourmet party" is not only a food event in "Planting Taoyuan", but also an important platform to promote the concepts of environmental sustainability, animal friendliness, and healthy body and mind. The event specially combines the "Meatless Market" with the most aesthetic and environmental concepts in the domestic vegetarian food industry, Daxi Dried Tofu and Taoyuan local operators, bringing together more than 100 high-quality vegetarian food brand operators from all over the country, ranging from Chinese dumplings, fried buns to Mexican tacos, Indian dosas, juices and desserts, including vegan ice cream, There are everything from handicrafts to tea drinks, showing a variety of delicious vegetable food and fun experiences.

Mayor Chang touted the great success of the event, noting that on the evening of the first day, organisers had to finally resort to turning off the lights because hundreds of visitors were reluctant to leave the venue.

A vegan diet benefits the planet in numerous ways. Firstly, it reduces greenhouse gas emissions significantly as livestock farming is a major contributor to climate change. Secondly, it conserves water resources, as animal agriculture requires vast amounts of water for production. In addition, a vegan diet helps preserve biodiversity by reducing deforestation for livestock grazing and feed crops. Lastly, promoting plant-based diets can lead to more sustainable food systems, reducing land degradation and promoting healthier ecosystems. Veganism therefore has a major role to play in fostering environmental sustainability.  

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