Launch of ECCT's 2024 Position Papers

23 November, 2023

The ECCT has released its 2024 Position Papers. Through the theme “Setting a Course for Economic Revival,” the papers offer specific recommendations to help revive the economy under current challenging circumstances.

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The launch was held at an ECCT Premium Event lunch where ECCT Chairman Giuseppe Izzo officially handed over a copy of the chamber’s annual publication to the Taiwan government, represented by National Development Council (NDC) Minister Kung Ming-hsin. This year’s publication includes separate submissions from 25 of the ECCT’s industry and support committees and raises 175 issues, 108 from previous years and 67 new issues.

In his presentation to NDC Minister Kung and ECCT members at the launch, Chairman Izzo acknowledged the government’s efforts that has led to progress on issues raised the previous year. He went on to give a summary of the Position Paper Overview and highlight some of the major issues facing ECCT members.


The Overview notes that Taiwan’s economy is facing headwinds and choppy seas and the outlook for 2024 is uncertain. Under these circumstances, Taiwan needs to chart a course for economic revival that avoids the worst of the conditions that are beyond its control, remove regulatory constraints, revise unsuitable laws and regulations and streamline administrative procedures. The Overview highlights issues and recommendations in three main areas: energy, talent and internationalisation.

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