Lunch with MOENV minister Shieu

25 October, 2023

The ECCT hosted a Premium Event lunch featuring Dr Shieu Fuh-Sheng, Minister of the Ministry of Environment (MOENV). It was the chamber’s first meeting with the minister, following the upgrading of the former Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) to the MOENV. At the event Minister Shieu gave a presentation on the topic “Taiwan’s Policies for net zero and resource circulation” and answered questions from members. Read the full event report.

The minister explained that his knowledge of and experience in material science would serve the ministry well given how important it will be in the future to make the best use of materials and to preserve natural resources. This ties in well with one of the missions of the MOENV, which is to manage the use of resources and chemical substances, in addition to responding to climate change, achieving net-zero emissions by 2050, reducing air pollution and shifting focus from pollution control to prevention and management.


The minister’s presentation included an explanation of the new structure of the MOENV, an overview of policies to reach net zero emissions by 2050 and improve the use of resources and waste management under the proposed Resource Circulation Promotion Act.

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