Expert offers insights on worldwide elections in 2024

25 August, 2023

The ECCT arranged a Special Lunch on the topic: “2024, the year when the whole world votes” with renowned Italian journalist Federico Rampini, Global Columnist for Corriere della Sera. In his speech, Rampini offered insights on forthcoming elections in the US, the European Union and elsewhere. Read the full event report.



On EU parliamentary elections, based on recent polling, it is expected that support for right wing nationalist parties will strengthen, although not enough to yield a dramatic change. This is because the traditional right of centre parties in Europe are still reluctant to align with far right nationalists, which will make it difficult for the extreme right to gain significant influence.

In the United States, there is a high degree of uncertainty as to how the 2024 presidential election will play out. Both the leading candidates for their respective parties (Donald Trump for the Republicans and Joe Biden for the Democrats) have extreme weaknesses. The main one for Trump is that he has already been indicted on numerous charges while Joe Biden is regarded by many as too old to serve as president.

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