Launch of ECCT's 2023 Position Papers

25 November, 2022

The ECCT launched its 2023 Position Papers at a Premium Event lunch, which was attended by around 90 members and guests.

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At the event, ECCT Chairman H Henry Chang presented an overview of the papers to ECCT members and guests after which he officially handed over a copy of the chamber’s annual publication to the Taiwan government, represented by National Development Council (NDC) Deputy Minister Kao Shien-Quey. The lunch was followed by a press conference, where the chairman and chairpersons of the ECCT committees presented a summary of their most important issues to the media.


Through the theme “Recognising Taiwan’s Success - Seizing Opportunities in the Changing World Order,” the ECCT acknowledged Taiwan’s robust economic performance in recent years and called on the government to take action to ensure Taiwan’s continued success in a world undergoing seismic shifts.


This year’s publication includes separate submissions from 25 of the ECCT’s industry and support committees and raises 161 issues, 108 from previous years and 53 new issues.


In his presentation to NDC Deputy Minister Kao and ECCT members at the launch, Chairman Henry Chang acknowledged the government’s efforts that led to progress on over 21% of the issues raised in the previous year’s paper. He went on to give a summary of the Position Paper overview and highlight some of the major issues facing ECCT members. 

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