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2022 Taiwan Innotech Expo

07 October, 2022

2022 TIE gathers thousands of emerging technologies waiting for you to explore


Courtesy of ITRI


Taiwan Innotech Expo 2022, co-organised by 10 government organizations, will take place from 13-15 October in TWTC Hall 1 in Taipei City. A virtual version of TIE will also be launched on 11 October where you can view thousands of innovative and cutting-edge technologies online.


The Small and Medium Enterprise Administration (SMEA) has invited 14 outstanding SMEs to represent their new products, focused on net zero technology, smart manufacturing and advanced medicare in the Innovation Navigation pavilion at 2022 TIE. Here is a sneak peak of 5 featured exhibitors and their products with market potential. All Euroview readers are welcome to visit 2022 TIE on 13 October.




SyncKit all-in-one Inspection kit and Telemedicine Solution

SyncKit is a multi-function handheld device which realizes remote exam innovation in telemedicine. This device comes with a variety of interchangeable examination probes, and is capable of performing 10 types of examinations, ranging from visual, auscultation, and temperature checks. Through the SyncVision mobile app, the device user can conduct real-time remote examinations and interact with doctors anywhere. This system, along with its conference and patient management platform, would serve as an ideal tool for major telemedicine platforms and medical and health service providers. It is a game changer which shifts from an inquiry-based telemedicine session into a real-time evidence based remote clinic.


SyncKit provides its device and streaming technology to business partners. It also provides its whole platform and software, along with non-recurring engineering services, which can be customised to meet the needs of medical and healthcare partners.



New botanical drugs from BELX Biopharmaceutical

BELX Biopharmaceutical is a research and development biotech company, aiming to develop new botanical drugs to treat chronic hepatitis B, tumors and ageing-related chronic diseases.


The company’s new botanical drug, BEL-X, exerts multiple mechanisms to inhibit reactive oxygen species, followed by lowering oxidative stress and then reducing inflammation. BEL-X comes from a single medicinal plant. Produced under strict quality assurance from species selection, plantation technologies, and manufactured in compliance with PIC/S GMP, BEL-X meets the highest quality control standards in the pharmaceutical field.


BEL-X is extremely safe and produced almost no side-effects for advanced refractory solid tumors patients in a phase I clinical trial study. The efficacy of BEL-X improved the quality of life of cancer patients whose body weights changed less than 5%, and potentially improved their lifespans. BEL-X is not only safe but also effective.


Based on the outcomes from the above-mentioned phase I trial, BELX biopharmaceutical will conduct two phase II clinical trials. The first one is to treat chronic hepatitis B. The goal is to greatly enhance the e-seroconversion rate in a shorter treatment period and lower the virus relapse rate after drug withdrawal. The second is to treat cancer patients with cachexia. The goal is to reduce tumor size, to maintain muscle weight and strength, and to improve quality of life and therefore extend the survival periods of cancer patients.


As a pioneer in botanical drugs, BELX biopharmaceutical aims to build long-lasting connections with multinational pharmaceutical companies with botanical drug product pipelines to pioneer breakthrough science for patients or to co-develop the IP-protected products through global or regional licensing, depending on the disease. BELX would also like to sign an agreement with medical food, cosmetics, and health food supplements companies to derive new botanical formulas for non-drug product development.


The eKoEN lightweight energy management system

eKoPro Solutions Inc. provides a lightweight power sensing and IoT control platform. At present, competition in the energy IoT market is fierce. Compared with its smart meter competitors, the company's products have an absolute advantage in hardware price. In terms of application, the company's products can be connected in series with smart relays, and can be controlled in linkage, not only to obtain energy information, but also to automatically provide complete smart energy IoT solutions.

The eKoEN lightweight energy management system uses miniature, non-intrusive, and easy-to-install sensors to collect feeder power information and can be installed in switchboards without power outages. It is the first non-intrusive meter on the market. When measuring power information and cable temperature, it has been verified to be 95% accurate. Compared with most of the electricity meters on the market, the installation time and cost are only 15% of the traditional versions, which makes it very suitable for small and medium-sized electricity users to conduct electricity inventory checks in the field.


This power sensor has obtained US and Taiwan patents and international FCC/CE certification.


The target customer group includes power systems, factories, offices and homes in cities that wish to practice energy self-management, such as:

* Manufacturing plants

* Chain stores/restaurants

* Government agencies, public enterprises, schools

* Medical clinics, elderly care homes, long-term care centers

* Commercial buildings

* Businesses implementing ESG projects


AI Smart Energy Storage System

Interxie is focused on the type of customer that wants more resiliency and carbon emission reductions for their home but does not want to spend thousands of dollars to get there. Interxie makes a device called the ENPO, which is a small-scale battery that only needs to be plugged in and connected to WiFi to function. The ENPO provides backup storage to the different devices plugged into it, while also managing when the ENPO charges and discharges to optimize usage based on different factors, such as electricity rates or carbon emissions. The ENPO, in conjunction with Interxie’s downloadable ENPO app, helps customers view their whole home’s real time energy usage and the ability to opt into utility demand response programmes. The ENPO uses the data it creates to find cost-saving solutions for its users and provides alerts to help customers to realize those savings.



A Farm Green Plus

The planet is at risk because of global warming and climate change. As one of the solutions, the photovoltaic (PV) industry is growing to meet the demand for clean green energy. Currently arable land or idle spaces in cities are being used to install PV panels. However, PV panels covering land block sunlight and limit the development of agriculture and food production.


A Farm Technology Co. Ltd.’s optical material and design provides optical modules that are different from traditional commercial PV panels. The design of A Farm’s solar arrays can be arranged to allow various levels of sunlight distribution (70-80% PV coverage) to suit the growth of various types of plants. The company also provides efficient vertical farming technology, including an auto pipe hydroponic system. This high productivity and pesticide-free system is easy to operate and, by farming in a closed-loop system, land and water will be saved.


A Farm Green Plus is an ideal agro-photovoltaics system which combines an optimal sunlight distribution design and soilless cultivation technology. Regardless of whether it is installed on farming land or city rooftops, the system can provide the best application for increasing land use efficiency or the repurposing unused space.


ESG Applications

City: Urban farming or rooftop farms. Supply your restaurant, hotel, supermarket or building tenants with fresh, precision farming, harvested on your rooftop, reducing the carbon footprint from transportation and environmental hazards from intensive farming.

Uncultivated land: Desert or land with contaminated soil. As arable land declines in size and quality, investing and creating a green economy on unsuitable land through A Farm Green Plus will help companies to boost their ESG programmes and credentials.


Business partners

The underprivileged minority needs more love and attention from our society.  A Farm Green Plus’s cultivation system is easy to operate and can help people in need to earn income as farmers.


Target customers

Enterprises, companies starting work on ESG programmes. A Farm supplies green energy and low carbon footprint vegetables cultivated by underprivileged groups, providing a new ESG option for companies to develop and implement.




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