ECCT and CPC launch net zero report

12 September, 2022

The ECCT and CPC Corporation released the “Net Zero by 2050 Best Practices Report” (歐洲商會-台灣中油 2050淨零報告書) at a Premium Event lunch. Read the full event report.

Edited by the KPMG Taiwan, the report showcases some of the best practices and examples in Taiwan and globally provided by ECCT members and CPC aimed at helping Taiwan to reach net zero emissions by 2050. The launch was attended by Wang Mei-hua, Minister of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, who gave a keynote speech on Taiwan’s net zero policy and received a copy of the report from ECCT Vice Chairman Giuseppe Izzo and Lee Shun-chin, Chairman of CPC. As the report was released to coincide with the first day of EU's Climate Action Week, Filip Grzegorzewski, Head of the European Economic and Trade Office, was invited to talk about the EU’s climate policy while Niven Huang, Managing Director of KPMG Sustainability Consulting gave a presentation summarising the highlights of the report.

Ahead of the lunch, Minister Wang met with representatives from CPC and ECCT member companies that contributed chapters to the report. During the meeting, representatives highlighted the main topics covered in their chapters.

The report calls on the Taiwan government and companies to invest in breakthrough technologies such as hydrogen energy, Carbon Capture Utilisation and Storage (CCUS), electric and hydrogen vehicles, and floating offshore wind energy as well as battery storage, smart grids and energy saving.

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