Robert Walters Salary Survey 2022

29 March, 2022

The Robert Walters Salary Survey 2022 was co-launched with the ECCT at a Premium Event lunch, which was followed by a press conference for the media. Read the full event report.


At the event, John Winter, General Manager of Robert Walters Taiwan, presented the main findings from the digital survey, which was based on data collected over the course of 2021.


According to the survey, the local job market remains driven by technology, especially due to the surge in global demand for semiconductors and electronics products. In addition, there was an increase in the number of overseas organisations looking to establish or build their presence in Taiwan, most noticeably for the purposes of offshoring software positions on the island.


Expected salary increments in 2022 will vary across industries and roles. On average, it is anticipated that increments will be around 10-15% when people switch jobs. However, where demand is particularly high for candidates in some areas of supply chain and technology this can be as high as 25%. Findings also show that candidates consider factors beyond compensation and benefits when looking for jobs, such as an inspiring work culture, diversity & inclusion, as well as whether communications with management is open and effective.


Robert Walters advises companies to capitalise on the opportunities brought by the new normal, noting that the pandemic has accelerated companies and workforces to scramble towards hybrid working and the experience has shaped the perspectives of work.


Apart from flexible working options, candidates are also looking for companies that encourage innovation in a psychologically safe environment (meaning that they are encouraged to experiment even if there is a risk of failure) and offer training platforms that could upskill their personal and professional development, as well as providing a clear plan for their career progression. Employees increasingly also appreciate empathetic leadership. Hiring managers are also strongly advised to look into candidate experience, avoid delays in the hiring process and ensure efficient and quick decisions are made after identifying suitable candidates.

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